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Custom character crashes game

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I just started making a custom character using this tutorial: http://dont-starve.surge.sh/. I just renamed files for the name of my character, which right now I'm just calling 'lost' as a name to use for testing things out so I can make some actual characters later, and it said to try it out in game, and I did, but selecting the character and hitting 'play' puts the game stuck on the screen in between character selection and play. I found other people having the same issue, and it said to change capitalization but I did that and it had the same results. I just made a new one, did the same steps it told me to do and tested it and now I can't even run a game with the mod on. The files are all the same as the template used, except for the fact that I changed every occurrence of 'esctemplate' with 'lost', as it told me to do.

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Hey there!

Crashes can happen by many mistakes. The best bet to find out what's messy, is to locate the following file in your computer:


Documents > Klei > DoNotStarveTogether > 169275625 (or whatever similar number you have there) > Sort Clusters by date, and open the newest one > Master > server_log

Open server_log, and scroll down until you find an error message. It will tell you which file's which line is problematic.

If that's not working, than pay very close attention to the autocomplier (the program with the black backround when you launch DS Together) the next time you add your mod to the game and launch the very first time with it. It will also reveal any problematic part, if it can't compile it.

It's important to learn debugging your own mods.


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