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Pressure fed pipes and Love

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I really think and expected until I played for a while to be able to use an opening to let liquid move through pipes just utilizing differences in pressure, this includes gravity with pascal's law. I think it would be super cool to implement that, so that I can use an elevated water tank to replace pumps. Additionally I saw two duplicants have grey hearts in a conversation and I'm not sure what it implied but I was thinking having duplicants be able to fall in love and get a morale boost so long as their significant other was in the same colony as them/alive would be cool and also maybe add a room that gives benefits if two beds of lovers are placed inside. This also made me think of babies but I'm sure that's already been suggested a million times and I'm not sure how that would be balanced but it would be interesting to have a spurreous population growth that would stress your colony if you were at max supported pop or help it if you're just waiting for more printables to grow your pop.

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The current simulation won`t allow fo gravitational pumps as once liquid is in a pipe it will move in any direction no matter if it`s up or down. That`s why for now we need to stick with pumps. Maybe in the future.

As for dupe conversations the "talk" about certain items in the world or about their stats (the heart is their hp). I`m not sure if it mattrs what they talk about but if their stats are higher they should give more thumbs up i guess.

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