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Pka and Rook's Don't starve doodles and comics.

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Well, I recently got don't starve, and I really like the ability to create fan-art/fiction for it. My friend Pka has been drawing a ton of manga/anime/I really don't know what he calls it anymore... So he sketched out some don't starve character portraits and I scanned and colored them.post-17492-13764592052659_thumb.pngThe latest doodle. I didn't spend as much time on it as I did the other ones... I'm a bit lazy... At least Pka didn't slack off on drawing it.post-17492-13764592053129_thumb.pngSecond try at coloring in don't starve characters. I spent maybe 20-30 minutes coloring and tweaking, turned out pretty good looking. And Pka didn't try to do anything weird with the drawing....post-17492-13764592053318_thumb.pngFirst try, pretty decent. There's something wrong with the eyes, and I need to do some anti-aliasing.Ok, if anyone knows good tips for using photoshop to color things in please tell me, I get the feeling I'm not doing it right.Later artwork so you don't have to go through all the stuff to find it.post-17492-1376459206152_thumb.pngpost-17492-13764592061884_thumb.png

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I think the thing with the eyes in the third picture... hm, try making them smaller and not shiny?Other than that, I like the three of them! Gritty, yet still reminding me of Don't Starve.

Thanks! the eyes got a little messed up with the scanner, and I was just lazy and covered them up with the pencil tool:fatigue:, hopefully next time I come up with a better way to fix that. I'll have to get my friend to draw some more, hopefully some more interesting than just quick drawings of the character's faces.
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