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I wanted to report a player and I purposely destroyed my base - (Klei Official)

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I built my base for over 200 days, and when everyone left the game, it was me alone, he appeared and destroyed the base. I can't kick him off the server because it's just me. .
He probably did this a lot of times because his steam account was renamed many times. After he destroyed my base he kept changing his name and he didn't even fear at all when threatened that I would report it.

The photos I  took were only when he destroyed a little bit, I really didn't want to see what he did so I left the game.





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Welcome to public servers :)

There's no reason for them to fear reports, there is no banning system, probably some community shared blacklists that only work to a certain extent ofc; pubs will always be griefed, you have to expect and deal with it or you'll probably get mad. Leaving the game in that situation is probably the best thing you can do, they won't have fun if they're not griefing anybody.

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