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Interface suggestion

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Hey hi,

First of all, thank you for all your great work, don't starve and oxygen not included are two of my favorite games of all time..

I have a simple request. In would like to be able to see the entire icon for things that have durability, i.e. without the durability printed on it as a percentage.
That could be with a background color that depletes vertically, similar to the green-to-red of freshness but in greyscale. Or it could be a horizontal progress bar on the very bottom of the icon.

That's it, thanx!




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We have a color-based mechanism but that only applies to Edibles like Berries, It would be confusing to have colors for Tools even in graysacle; This can be solved by having a Setting at Options to select your UI style: Original or Modern, for example!

I personally like the current UI tho, if for any reason your suggestion doesn't get added, you can always use or request mods at Workshop.

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