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Oasis in the harsh wilderness

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I want to hear about your little oasis you've either found or made in the wilderness.

Mine is a stroke of pure luck to stumble upon a marsh land so close to beefalo spawning grounds, Whenever I'm hungry I just sacrifice one of them to a tentical and feast like a king.

After I head down south a short ways to my MASSIVE quarry rocks everywhere and mine till my fingers and twigs run out then retreat to the safety of my fire place and farms to rest and return once more for shenanigans and the like.

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my little oasis is filled with all the grass, saplings and berry bushes I can think of in close range to my firepit, two crock pots to fill my need of food, since I do not only eat when I am hungry, I like to have breakfast, dinner and something for the evening aswell, I even throw a midnight snack in sometimes. not far from my place are my fields with high speed plots, a beefy herd and my beloved bees that give me all the honey I want while gathered around the only flower in reach, so far away that I don't even need special protection to get the honey. a bit to the north I have an open stonefield that I use to get me the charcoal I need without risk of setting something on fire that is not supposed to, and when I feel like traveling, I know a nice place where I can get the one or other egg if I feel like I need some bacon and eggs for my next breakfast!

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