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Need help with script error!

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attempt to index field 'perishable' (a nil value) 

you tried to access something on a variable called "perishable". But it failed. Because "perishable" is not a table, in fact, it's even a nil (doesn't exist)!

[string "../mods/Valentino/scripts/prefabs/valentino..."]:102

it happened in the file you uploaded, in line 102

looking at your code, line 102 is:

          and ((inst.components.perishable:IsStale() or inst.components.perishable:IsSpoiled())

Ok, so then, what is this inst, that it couldn't find a perishable component on it?

 inst.components.eater.PrefersToEat = function(self, inst)
    --V2C: fruitcake hack. see how long this code stays untouched - _-"
    return not (inst.prefab == "winter_food4" and self.inst:HasTag("player"))
        and self:TestFood(inst, self.preferseating)
        and not (self.inst:HasTag("pickyeater")
          and ((inst.components.perishable:IsStale() or inst.components.perishable:IsSpoiled())
            or inst.prefab == "monstermeat" or inst.prefab == "cookedmonstermeat" or inst.prefab == "monsterlasagna" or inst.prefab == "monstermeat_dried"
            or (inst:HasTag("edible_MEAT") and inst:HasTag("cookable"))))

So, this is a little confusing (I've not touched that part of the codebase yet), but I'm assuming "inst" in line 102 is supposed to be the food being eaten

in the case you stated, "raw, or cooked mandrake"

But as far as I know, neither of those spoil. Nor does rot. So I wouldn't expect them to have a "perishable" component.

So if you set line 102 to be this instead:

          and ((inst.components.perishable ~= nil and (inst.components.perishable:IsStale() or inst.components.perishable:IsSpoiled()))

I think it should work


Basically: check that the food HAS a perishable component.

If it doesn't, then it can't be stale, or spoiled, so it's ok


It might also help you long-term if you split the whole reaturn logic statement in to more readable parts. But that's up to you :p

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