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  1. Hello everyone! I am trying to create a character that will not eat raw meat, monster meat and spoiled food. I ran into the problem that the character follows the diet I indicated, but with all this he eats rot, which is obtained when the food spoils and turns into fertilizer. How can I be attributed so that my character does not eat rot? valentino.lua
  2. Hey Yakuzashi very nice tutorial! But is it possible to make a follower like Woby? I mean standart pet animation. There is also no information on this part. I would be grateful for any answer or possible hint. I'm new to this, but I really want to find at least something that will help
  3. Oh it really worked! Thank you so much Bigfootmech you are incredible!!
  4. Hello. I want to make a character who will refuse to eat spoiled food, monster meat and raw meat. When character eating a raw or fried mandrake, this error flies out. I can’t understand what’s wrong. I would be very grateful for any help! valentino.lua