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How can I double my characters action speed?

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I'm trying to implement a mechanic where my character can slow down time for everyone but themselves, so far I have movement taken care of, but actions aren't so simple. Is there a way I could increase the speed of actions, like throwing tings or hitting things? I already tried modifying the animations to run at double speed but that didn't quite work.

I'm assuming I have to do something with state graphs but I have no experience in them at all, any help would be amazing!

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This really depends on the individual state, some states work on timeline(timeevents), some work on timeouts and some work on eventhandlers like animover.

For example:

  • dolongaction is a timeout
  • Chop is heavily affected by timevents
  • Wakeup is eventhandler with animover to force the state to change to idle

Some of these are easier to make faster than others.
I am not sure if there is a easy catch all way to do it, there probably is something I as I do remember there was a mod on the workshop that had the ability to stop time itself.

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