Just got my first Prestige 7 (Sal) win!

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Just wanted to share!

Was running a doubt deck for negotiations (2 Boosted White Lie + 1 Enduring Weakness pretty much), and a power scaling (two Pale Rising Uppercut) + improvisation deck for battle, though in all honestly the improvisation didn't help much other than the final battle, revealing the Kashio clones with Resonance. Like I'm pretty sure I only actually improvised cards with improvisation bonuses 3 or 4 times in the entire run, though maybe my 28 card deck was the problem there.

Really hope that they add more Prestige levels in the future! There's definitely room to make it even harder (like limiting the number of drinks / heals you can get in a day, or increasing the cost each time, that might be interesting).

Also Klei please add a way to easily share decklists in one screenshot, it would be really nice.

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Mettle is a rather recent development, and it has been fairly controversial on these forums (don't know about the playerbase at large). It used to be that there was no metaprogression at all. Then Grifts and Perks were introduced, which was overall well received, despite the grindiness, because Perks (for the most part) are fun. Then Mettle and Flourishes were introduced. Flourishes are overall liked by everyone, I think. Mettle is more of a mixed bag, because they felt redundant with many Perks, take a loooong time to unlock, and don't actually add to the gameplay (they make it easier, but the game is already on the easy side).

Maybe to appease the old-timers, some time later the devs added a new prestige level, in which Mettle unlocks are deactivated, so you can still play as if Mettle never existed. This was also controversial, since it means that one of the main advantages of metaprogession in roguelikes (the feeling that all runs, even failed ones, get you closer to some objective), is effectively negated. I do not know whether the devs will keep things as is, or whether they will rethink the role of Mettle before release.

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