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The archive, a source of ancestral knowledge; Why are Maxwell and Wilson precluded from the knowledge preserved in its maze?

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Both Maxwell and Wilson have not yet been updated. This offers Klei an extraordinary opportunity.
We don't assume that a character must already have all of his abilities by the time he spawns from the portal.
Wx is updated with the continuation of the game; Maxwell and Wilson could do the same.
Once they reached the threshold of the archive, they could actively interact with the papyri contained within it; learn its content and reach new skills. Maxwell could find a way to summon lunar creatures, terrifying and charming in their uncanny rotting deformity.
Wilson, on the other hand, could be illuminated by a ghestalt and gain skills related to the Enlightenment: a creative fervor that could culminate in the construction of tremendous bombs.
In short, the archive could really be a keystone for these two absolutely central characters in DST.



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