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one more sour gas boiler with humongous output

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I want to share my sour gas boiler setup. There is no counter-flows and any volcanic pre-heaters or anything complicated. I test it with 75C crude oil.


There is explanation how it work


There is 2 stages - 

1. Open doors, and fill cooling chamber with sour gas

2. Seal doors with vacuum hole and cool chamber 


Moment when chamber seal iteself (middle door closed, after a moment side doors will be closed, and then middle door will be opened again):



Liquid natural gas going to small chamber on top, where it exchange heat with sour gas, and when it become 100C hot it going into main natural gas chamber with doors pump:


I found ceramic not so good to transfer natural gas (methane), it should should be done with insulation.


If there is too much natural gas in cooling chamber, doors pump it to top:







Math is simple - one aquatuner process little less then 1.1 kg of crude oil. This setup process around 6.6 kg of oil per second (oil-liquid shutoff shows it work between 60-70% per cycle). As you can see, it's pretty simple to move tuners to top and add 2 additional champers to cool additional 6.6 kg if you need it.



and yes, it was not intended to look like a penis. It is just coincidence. 


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