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[BETA] Help us Improve Our Capture The Flag Mod... Again Again!

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Hey there!

Once again, we’ve added new features to our capture the flag-themed mod (now called Warsak!) and would like your help to test and give ideas! This week was packed with tons of changes, with characters, crafting, and other things! This is what we’ve done with the characters so far:


  • Wolfgang: Takes less damage on a full belly, gets slower when full
  • WX78: Can craft gears to upgrade
  • Wickerbottom: Has 2 books, one that heals teammates and one that damages everybody, enemies take more damage than allies though
  • Wodie: Can transform into a weremoose
  • Wes: Hits harder but gets less absorption from armor and has less max health
  • Maxwell: Can craft up to 5 shadow duelists with 150hp
  • Wigfrid: Stays the same
  • Webber: Takes less damage from spiders
  • Winona: Can craft G.E.M.erators, gems and up to 3 catapults that auto target enemies and can’t damage allies
  • Warly: Can craft a portable crockpot, seasoning station, garlic powder, chili flakes and seasoning salt
  • Wortox: Only gets souls from getting the last hit on players, beehives and pigs, can’t soulhop with the piggyback equipped
  • Wormwood: Can craft bramble husks, traps and compost wrap
  • Walter: Can craft his slingshot and ammo

As you can see, we’ve almost updated every character! Not only that, but we’ve also:

  • Added more armor and weapons
  • Added custom item descriptions
  • Added custom character descriptions
  • Modified the map to have gold rocks and a habitat for the tallbirds
  • Added chests and an instant crockpot at each base
  • Made it so spiders don't go off their own lane as often
  • Made bishops more aggressive
  • Added a custom loading screen
  • Skeletons can be destroyed and drop 10 gold, they despawn after a day if not destroyed
  • Pig guards respawn after 1 day
  • Wasp hives have more health
  • Added team chat
  • Teams can be seen when pressing tab
  • Created a discord server
  • And fixed various bugs

If you’d like to help us test, come play on a server called “[AGURA] Warsak (Capture The Flag) BETA”! It’ll be open during the week, but we won’t be playing all the time. We will play on Saturday, February 27 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST for sure!

We hope you come and help us test! Please give us any suggestions for how you'd like to see this mod grow.

Thank you!

JayLil07, fibonacci618 & Ali

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