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[BETA] Help us Improve Our Capture The Flag Mod... Again!

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Hello there!

We’re back again with new features for our Capture the Flag themed mod! We’ve added a few new things and are planning to add some more in the future. For now, this is what we’ve done:

  • Invincibility bug fixed
  • Neutral spider dens and beehives now drop gold
  • Bishops are ruin bishops and have been buffed
  • Wasps have been buffed
  • Pigs have been buffed and are more aggressive
  • Spiders now spawn off-screen
  • Piggybacks cannot be haunted
  • Piggybacks make you insane and removes anything from your weapons and armour slots when equipped
  • Souls do not spawn when Wortox is playing


After some thinking (and suggestions), we've come up with a few names. Please let us know if you like any of these or have suggestions for one. The names we currently have are:

  • PIggyback Pandemonium
  • Warsak!
  • Capture the Flag


Once again, we’d like to ask you guys to come test the new features! We’ll be playing on Saturday, February 13 on a server called “[AGURA] Capture the Flag (BETA)” from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST.

We hope you come and help us test! Please give us any suggestions for how you'd like to see this mod grow.

Thank you!

JayLil07, fibonacci618 & Ali


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