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Change butter-specific recipes to accept dairy.

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Short explanation: Wobster Dinner, Fresh Fruit Crepes, and Waffles should accept Dairy rather than requiring butter specifically, to encourage farming electric milk.

Long Explanation: There are a couple recipes in the game that are themed around milk, the Milkmade Hat and Ice Cream respectively, however... they don't require milk, they require dairy, which means you can use butter for them instead of milk. The inverse isn't true for butter-themed recipes, though, Fresh Fruit Crepes, Wobster Dinner, and Waffles all require butter specifically, rather than dairy.

As this is, it means that farming electric milk from Volt Goats is something that barely anyone ever does. Why would you after all, if you could just make their recipes from the occasional stray butter? If butter recipes were changed to allow dairy, though, milk would get a nice little boost that could make people actually want to farm it, rather than always setting up Volt Goats in Anenemy pens to farm horns and meat in perpetuity.

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Or at least give alternative methods of acquiring butter outside of killing butterflies. Also I agree with the notion that it would be nice to farm Volt Goats naturally once again, as opposed to the meta "Anenemy-method"; hopefully it would become more viable to do so in the future.

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