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Character that can transform? Help needed!

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So Im pretty much Beginner Level at modding, Ive made a few characters already with different perks and such to practise but its been genuinely over a year that I've been trying to have my own character transform from his demon form into a human disguise form. Ive read many posts on here including @Kzisor's Tutorial post on using keyhandle but I either dont place the code at the right spot or dont put the right things in the apostrophes I guess. Or it doesnt compile right? I have no idea, I didnt get any error/crash logs either though.

Id be incredibly thankful if someone could help me with this code and make it possible.

Im availiable on Discord aswell for more intricate details if its hard to explain here. (I could and probably will thank in form of art as its the least I can do!)

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