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Trying to understand Placables vs Deployables

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I've been messing with a few things related to placing structures, but been running into some issues because of how the game handles placable structures slightly differently than deployable ones.

Placable structures being most buildings, and Deployables being inventory items that can be "deployed" as a structure or stored in an inventory slot, like walls and fences.

One thing I noticed is that deployable objects like walls can have their build-placement blocked by tall sprites that block your line of sight to the cursor's location (ie: you can't place a wall behind a tree without turning your camera to where the tree doesn't block line of sight anymore) But you can place buildings like a science machine or chest down just fine even with a tree in the way.

I'm trying to make deployables act more like placables, and I've been tinkering around with placer and deployable components for quite a while, but I can'tĀ figure out why it acts like this.

Has anyone else done any more exploration into this area? I'm not really sure where to go from here.

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