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move small petroleum engine to hidrocarbon propulsion area ;

move juicer to gourmet meal preparation and substitute food repurporsing for environmental preservation: 

-Environmental preservation (linked to ranching and agriculture) :  terrain reconstruction ; flora and fauna preservation.

  1. Terrain reconstruction: allow duplicants to create a natural tile for a selected material ( needs limit the material list . a sugestion is for dirt , clay and sand ) . Cost 1000kg of the material to create a tile.
  2. Flora preservation: Duplicants plant seeds on a limited type of tile. Those plants are wild.
  3. Fauna preservation: Duplicants release some critters back to the nature. They become wild with some time passed.

-Advanced ventilation( linked to improved ventilation and transit tubes ) : exauts fan

Exaust fan:480 W , X DTUS . 1x1 tile , cost Y refined metals and Z plastic . Accepts automation and rotation. 1000g gas displacement . is a micro vertical wind tunnel with a function to move gases faster to a room to another adjacent room/space.

-Auxiliar propusion system (linked to catalytcs and jetpacks , for example ) :

Solid fuel trusters - 5 burden +10 power* ( use refined metals and oxylite to improve engine power ) - the concept here is have a use to oxylite and refined metals on late game, speeding up some slow rockets, instead give some travel range. All contents in this module is consumed after the lauch.

*Suposing the fast travel speed ratio ( engine power/burden) is something slightly above 2.0x atm. 

Food packing ( linked to valve miniaturization and gourmet meal preparation ) :pack machine ( uses some plastic to give food a packed buff ) : prevents pollution exposure.

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Some nice ideas there. I`m not sure if the devs want us to make things wild again but maybe it could be an option. I`d say make the nature preserve a requirement for critters to revert to wild. They`d need a food source (that`s not a critter feeder) for the transition period and after 10-20 cycles they`d go full wild again.

I think the solid fuel thrusters will make a comeback as well. I`m not sure if the module should add range, speed or module capacity though.

Vacuum wrapping food with plastic is an idea i suggested before. Would fix a lot of space related issues and provide a lategame plastic sink while fixing food overproduction issues.

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"Vacuum wrapping food with plastic is an idea i suggested before. Would fix a lot of space related issues and provide a lategame plastic sink while fixing food overproduction issues."

Yes. We need reinforce some good ideas ^^. Maybe, the major issue with plastic is because it kill germs ( decontaminate the food with time , in this scenario ). I love if i have a chance to construct some furnitures/constructions and much more plastic pipes on the base , even if it lost the germ-killer capacity.

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About the environment preservation : i belive this can help ( or cause a few more ) problems . Let me try explain my POV ( maybe im wrong and i accept and respect if someone disagree).

One of game goals is call a place "sweet home". If you living in one space , you want do the better you can to improve this location ( that´s why duplicants works a lot XD ) and i feel some joy if have a chance to make it a little better ( where you have to explore because you need a few/long cycles ago those material to survive ) instead become only a parasite.

About terrain reconstruction: some "moldable" materials i see returning back without problems ( ice , clay , dirt ,sand ). some hard/solid materials isn´t the same ( rocks and metals ) after you remove them . It´s advantageous ? Yes and no.

  • Yes: because you don´t need exploit the game mechanics to do that; once you remake a tile and have the correct insulation on surroundings , you have less gas flow ; is a chance to you return some potential excessive material back to the world( reducing the amount of objects and storages- "soft deletion" ) instead drop all in a hole;
  • No: this open a window to some sort of temperature control ( based on material temperature and mass) ; you lost materials if you place and dig it again; 

About flora and faura preservation : i LOVE farming and ranching, but some people want invest they time doing other stuff in game ( and in DLC you already have a LOT of micromanagement to do ). Have a oportunity to take care until certain point and leave it happens ( with some numbers adjustments ) give you some liberty. Lets supose wild critters and plants takes 3x-4x longer the regular time to provide the same benefit ( in therms of materials ) sounds razoable. I have count a considerable number of topics about food management, farm and ranching and this sugestion is only "other way" ( not the better way ) and keep the player focused in "what´s new the DLC offer us".

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