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If Wilba comes to DST and Wurts changes with it.

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Just a pic of my Merm Kingdom,it's still a work in progress.

So,I imagine that people wouldn't like if Wilba had the same gameplay as Wurt but with pigs(and also Werepig),to raise a kingdom,  but what if she had a way to civilize pigs? much like a beefalo domestication/Pearl's Quest, and so making a civilized pig, not like the ones in hamlet cuz I don't think a long time wild pig could turn into a advanced pig just by training him. But well, the civilized pigs would be able to hold tools and use them with more efficience, like u train a lumberjack pig, he will always come out of his house and go for the choping, or a miner pig, you put stacks of stone fruit and he will go mining.
Also Civilized pig would not attack monster players, so it scraps the idea of them fighting, idk how it would be done in the code, maybe would be complicated.

of course I can see this not being that pratical as get a bunch of normal pigs/merms for the work,bearger, or shadow miners or even the werebeaver, but would be a pay off in the end, they would be always working, only thing is that you gotta give them work. With this Wurt could even get a fishermerm hut, and make them work just like the do in SW but in a pond,Ocean would be a bit tricky I don't think it would work. And for last  some design changes like they holding a rod instead of a trident idk.

I'm just playing Wurt a lot and imagining stuff, maybe would even be better to just focus on the adventurer side of Wilba when/if she comes and scrap that civilizing thing. I can see a lot of flaws on those ideas but they are just my thinking at this point in time. 

If you have any ideas please feel free to tell 

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