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Combined Cargo modules

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Sorry.. Even after using fittings I still can't find a legitimate use of different cargo modules in DLC.

In the base game I only used cargo bay module in order to obtain the rare resources. I guess liquid and gas cargo modules could be of use in maps where some resources are in short but not in DLC. Engine restriction of modules makes it very difficult to not use command module's infinite storage.





* ssot: small solid oxidizer tank, llft: large liquid fuel tank, sm+bn: spacefarer module+basic nosecone


If you built a spacefarer module in order to have more room (and in that case needing liquid/gas/solid cargo input/output), it limits your choice of engine to 3 (and I don't think steam engine is really a safe choice..). So, what is the purpose of different cargo modules if you can use all three of them only in a veeeery slow rocket? 


I think combining them to a single cargo, having 3 different ports like the teleporter, would make more sense, at least to the current rocket setup. It will also make rocket building menu more manageable (less buildings to scroll up/down)

Although... what would make even more sense for me would be to connect ports and fittings directly without other modules :D

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