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Dedicated Server Multishards

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Hi, i wanted to have multi shards in my dedicated server. I've tried to understand from this: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/59174-understanding-shards-and-migration-portals/ but apparently i need more help.

I do not understand how to connect worlds. i wanted to have 2 worlds (one up world and one cave for each) connected to each other. First i wanted just 1 normal server and an extra up world (without a second cave), then i thought it wouldnt be possible since the second world create its cave again and again no matter how many times i delete it. Anyways, i had 4 shards to connect so this is what i did: first of all lets name these, master (its the main world), master's original cave (cave1), 2nd world(world2) and its cave (cave2). Every shard has 10 portals to connect, so i did it like this:sssss.thumb.png.51fbd381cf8bc8af547d01960c889803.png

with this way every shard has 10 portals and if i do it correctly it would work, i thought. but it did not. idk know why, but i kept getting to the portal where you spawn when you join. 

Please tell me if there is a easier way to this and can i have 2 worlds and just 1 cave connected to each other?


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