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What does "Error decoding lua RPC sender" mean?

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Recently re-wrote a bunch of code controlling my player's speed, but now I'm getting this strange error.  A tester discovered that it occurs when the player is in the caves, and walks near a ledge.  Originally the error was because it was testing for water depth and the tiles appear to not have that component in caves, but this new code doesn't check for water depth unless you're above ground, so idk what's going on..

Edit:  Just a hunch, but "if TheWorld.ismastersim then" can be used to check if the player is in the overworld or a cave, right?  Or should I be using "if not TheWorld:HasTag("cave") then"?

Update:  It appears my hunch was correct.  Checking for 'mastersim' does not correlate with being in the overworld vs caves.  I corrected the error and the code is working again.  ^-^

Edit 2:  Never mind, I may have seriously broken it, somehow..  Seems to run perfectly, but the entire world looks different and my stats all reset..

Edit 3:  The mode is working, but I entered a cave and when I went up I appeared in a different location, somehow.  I know there was a big update today, but I've never experienced anything like this before.


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