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Bug with the drop twitch eyebrella

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40 minutes ago, GreatDekuTree said:

A day ago it came out that the new drop was the Eyebrella but today they changed it, is there a way to put it back? I have seen that other people suffered this too.

Sorry this happened to you, but they announce ahead of time it would end on Feb. 4th. Each drop has lasted one week thus far, changing on thursday. Its not a bug. They may add the crystal collection to their rewards page once the encore ends.

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I think they mean the bug as in on the DST main screen they JUST announced the Eyebrella (Not on the site, the game's main screen) and it kept the Starcaller Staff screen for like 2 weeks which was odd. I unfortunately missed on the Eyebrella because of the main screen not being updated. :( 

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