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please help rubber banding in my dedicated server

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My dedicated server goes down to normal host performance when about 6 people are on the ground, and 8/8 people turn into bad host performance and cause rubber banding.
I've installed 25 modes.
My server is a dedicated endless server, day 3219.
This is how my computer works.
I've also added a mode to clean server.

cpu : intel core i5-2500 3.30GHz
ram :8.00 GB
140 GB ssd

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Suspect #1: You have 25 mods installed. Ever mod add some sort of complexity to the game which the server has to calculate.
Suspect #2: Your server is 3219 days old. That means items, entities and/or structures accumulate everywhere and cause lag. Even those cleaning mods can't remedy that completely, since they only delete items such as stingers and rot on the ground, and not your precious thulecite items collection or random science machines across the map.

Your hardware is pretty decent, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. You might be able to improve the performance a bit by upgrading to a newer/more powerful CPU though.

The accumulating lag is just a thing that happens over time on pretty much all DST servers. You can delay the time until that happens by keeping your map clean and using as few mods as possible.

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