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Can't keep spawned Beefalo?

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Running a non-dedicated server for some friends.
Our only herd of beefalo were killed by a deerclops really early, so I decided to just spawn a few more in one of the grasslands areas.

I tried c_spawn("beefalo", amount) and DebugSpawn("beefalo")

They spawn but are inactive, which I assumed a restart would get them going with 'AI'.
But when I re-enter the game, they have vanished, this happens every time I attempt to add them back to the map.
I've even waited a day or so to make sure they save.

I can't seem to get them to 'stick' in the world.
Any idea how to make them spawn properly?

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27 minutes ago, Crestwave said:

Sounds like you're executing it as a client. Make sure you're using the remote console; if caves are enabled, you'll see "Remote" or "Local" next to the console and you can toggle it with Ctrl.

Thank you sir!

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