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  1. This is because containers cannot be deleted by meteors/eyeplants. Other examples are Walter's slingshot and sea fishing rods.
  2. Does haunting the torches still spawn them for you? If so, you could use that temporarily until it gets fixed
  3. WX specifically has the gender "ROBOT" set in the code. The game itself refers to them with they/them pronouns on the death announcement, and other characters also use those pronouns in their quotes. So yes, they/them are most certainly their pronouns.
  4. First, extract the game's scripts. It should be at <steamapps folder>/Don't Starve Together/data/databundles/ for Win/Linux. For macOS, I believe you can view the files in the .app. The files will be in the extracted folder, as speech_wilson.lua for example
  5. Staying insane in lunar island/grotto—particularly useful for the latter since it also protects you from the nightmares from the war Preventing shadows/nightmares from attacking you at any time—particularly when farming with Wicker. Sometimes used for nightmare phase Farming nightmare fuel—not only does it keep you insane, but it also spawns way more shadows which is excellent for mass farming. Increasing your sanity—it summons shadows, not nightmares and spawns them even if your actual sanity is high, so you can get your sanity to full from killing them then removing the helm. Temporary insanity—essentially an infinite nightmare amulet for obelisks/FW's shadow hands
  6. His slingshot offers a variety of utility options, such as taking aggro or killing stuff like birds and tentacles (particularly the tentacle pillars). Definitely don't expect it as a main DPS weapon; you can use it outside of cheesy situations where you just stand still and hold F (of which there are numerous), but killing something like BQ takes over half an hour. Note that one freeze shot applies the equivalent of 2 ice staff hits. His alternate ammo types aren't very useful in general, though. I think most players use gold (birds), marble, cursed, and maybe some freeze. Poop pellets could have had some potential but they don't work on "bosses" and thus treeguards are immune... His sanity management can be convenient at times, a hefty downside at others. If you use it correctly it can probably be very freeing. But in general Walter seems to fall off late-game, and you seem to be at that point from your consideration of blowdarts. So maybe he's just not for you. Woby and the slingshot offer a decent amount of advantage early to mid game but when you get things set up, maybe tame a beefalo... yeah. Not a Walter main, though, maybe one could offer better advice.
  7. Container items such as backpacks, sea fishing rods, Walter's slingshot, etc. cannot be destroyed by meteors. However, their contents will be spilled and they will be pushed around. Meteors can't pick things so stuff like flowers work. It also can't dig up spawners specifically so mole burrows survive. Of course, stuff that are indestructible in general like the stagehand or irreplaceables can't get destroyed. Moonlenses unfortunately do get obliterated by meteors; not even that is safe. They unfortunately do get destroyed; meteors essentially chop, dig, hammer, mine, and lureplant-style delete. This is mostly correct; the base rule is indeed that it needs to be cookable, but there's also an additional rule to exclude deployables. I.e., seeds and birchnuts.
  8. (I linked to the post instead of directly to the video as the rest of the thread are is relevant to the discussion.)
  9. This was funny while it lasted, an official feature removing the point of row failing Any chance of adding support for queueing actions on inventory items? For example, cooking on a lighter. Currently you have to drop either the food or the lighter on the ground to queue it, and I'm not sure if this is intended or not.
  10. Three logs have three times the fire damage as one log. The goal is not to set the hive on fire (which would burn the drops), its to kill it from external fire damage. Fun fact, shadow creatures can aggro on and attack innocent creatures if they get hit from them falling.
  11. It leaves with you, yeah. It's an absolute godsend for dedicated servers, now you don't need a dozen salt licks to keep your beef overnight! I tend to think of the bell like the lavae tooth.
  12. He appraises the doll, telling you the stats of the skin which you can reference for the beefalo contest. Other than that, you could use it for decor or trade it to PK for 3 gold. I believe that you can redeem gift codes in-game, but the website URL is
  13. I've tamed beefalo several times, and I'm quite sure it doesn't apply to hunger unless it changed this update. If you don't believe me or think this is new, let's verify it with a quick peek at the code: -- prefabs/beefalo.lua inst.components.eater:SetAbsorptionModifiers(4,1,1) -- components/eater.lua function Eater:SetAbsorptionModifiers(health, hunger, sanity) As you can see, there's a 4x health modifier but all other values are left at the default 1x.
  14. The 4x multiplier for food only applies to health, unless you're referring to something else.
  15. Cooking one also works, giving you double the mileage as cooked mandrakes still retain their effect—particularly useful as Willow. Another Willow tip is that you don't fall asleep if you're taking fire "damage"—for example, touching enraged dragonfly or a lava pool—even though she's immune.