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  1. Last report was just a couple months ago so it's possible that it's on their list of to-dos. Still, I know that the devs often still miss these things so I posted it again just in case. In the meantime, one can use the Overlays Disabler mod to disable the moonstorm effects.
  2. You can work around this by opening ~/.local/share/applications/"Don't Starve Together.desktop" and setting StartupWMClass. For example: Name=Don't Starve Together Comment=Play this game on Steam Exec=steam steam://rungameid/322330 Icon=steam_icon_322330 Terminal=false Type=Application StartupWMClass=dontstarve_steam_x64 Categories=Game;
  3. I've been experiencing several long-standing issues with backup logs on Linux, and figured one of them out. $ wc -l * 532 client_log_2022-04-14-13-34-10.txt 532 client_log_2022-04-14-13-34-30.txt 532 client_log_2022-04-14-13-34-57.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-14-13-35-45.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-14-13-39-27.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-14-13-39-42.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-14-13-46-46.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-14-14-40-32.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-14-22-40-50.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-15-09-34-34.txt 532 client_log_2022-04-16-16-21-02.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-16-16-39-22.txt 532 client_log_2022-04-16-17-00-56.txt 532 client_log_2022-04-16-18-10-31.txt 532 client_log_2022-04-17-10-15-25.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-17-12-01-36.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-17-17-42-13.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-17-18-48-33.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-17-22-13-42.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-17-22-44-01.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-17-22-54-23.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-18-09-37-31.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-18-19-28-41.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-18-22-21-44.txt 402 client_log_2022-04-19-09-41-32.txt 10960 total Note: no mods are enabled, but several are downloaded. All of these cut off at the Chinese character in this line: [00:00:01]: WARNING: icon paths for mod workshop-1952541249 (包裹记录) are not valid. Got icon_atlas="modicon.xml" and icon="modicon.tex". Note that the logs themselves are perfectly fine; it only gets truncated when they are copied over to the backup directory. This does not quite explain my other issues, such as most of my backup chat logs being blank and the remaining ones cut extremely short with no ending newline after a ': '. ($ is from my prompt) $ wc -l * 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-14-13-34-30.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-14-13-34-57.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-14-13-35-45.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-14-13-39-27.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-14-13-39-43.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-14-13-46-46.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-14-14-40-32.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-14-22-40-50.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-15-09-34-34.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-16-16-21-02.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-16-16-39-22.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-16-17-00-56.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-16-18-10-32.txt 15 client_chat_log_2022-04-17-10-15-25.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-17-12-01-36.txt 1 client_chat_log_2022-04-17-17-42-13.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-17-18-48-33.txt 1 client_chat_log_2022-04-17-22-13-42.txt 6 client_chat_log_2022-04-17-22-44-01.txt 1 client_chat_log_2022-04-17-22-54-24.txt 1 client_chat_log_2022-04-18-09-37-32.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-18-19-28-41.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-18-22-21-44.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-19-09-41-32.txt 0 client_chat_log_2022-04-19-10-00-15.txt 25 total $ cat client_chat_log_2022-04-14-14-40-32.txt [00:02:54]: [Say] (KU_KSZYEhBU) Crestwave: $ $ Backup issues have also been experienced with server logs.
  4. DST's Chinese characters are inconsistent on Linux, rendering perfectly in some parts and becoming a completely garbled mess in others. In the case of in-game chat, it often even randomly clickers between the two.
  5. Yep, it caps your minimum temperature to 0. This completely prevents you from freezing, even against stuff like deer spells. The cooling circuit is supposed to similarly cap your maximum temperature to 70 but it is bugged at the moment.
  6. This is meant to be in the Beta Branch bug tracker, my bad.
  7. The thermal circuit increases your mintemp to 0, preventing you from freezing: local function heat_activate(inst, wx) -- A higher mintemp means that it's harder to freeze. wx.components.temperature.mintemp = wx.components.temperature.mintemp + TUNING.WX78_MINTEMPCHANGEPERMODULE wx.components.moisture.maxDryingRate = wx.components.moisture.maxDryingRate + EXTRA_DRYRATE wx.components.moisture.baseDryingRate = wx.components.moisture.baseDryingRate + EXTRA_DRYRATE if wx.AddTemperatureModuleLeaning ~= nil then wx:AddTemperatureModuleLeaning(1) end end However, the refrigerant circuit lowers your mintemp to -40, which does nothing except allow you to freeze to lower temperature: local function cold_activate(inst, wx) -- A lower mintemp means it's harder to overheat. wx.components.temperature.mintemp = wx.components.temperature.mintemp - TUNING.WX78_MINTEMPCHANGEPERMODULE if wx.AddTemperatureModuleLeaning ~= nil then wx:AddTemperatureModuleLeaning(-1) end end This is fixed by lowering maxtemp instead of mintemp
  8. The lines initializing WX's stats were removed in the refresh due to their ties to the old upgrade mechanism, and were not replaced. inst.components.hunger.max = math.ceil(TUNING.WX78_MIN_HUNGER + inst.level * (TUNING.WX78_MAX_HUNGER - TUNING.WX78_MIN_HUNGER) / max_upgrades) = math.ceil(TUNING.WX78_MIN_HEALTH + inst.level * (TUNING.WX78_MAX_HEALTH - TUNING.WX78_MIN_HEALTH) / max_upgrades) inst.components.sanity.max = math.ceil(TUNING.WX78_MIN_SANITY + inst.level * (TUNING.WX78_MAX_SANITY - TUNING.WX78_MIN_SANITY) / max_upgrades) Because of this, their stats were automatically set to default, which includes a max sanity of 200. Tuning vars and the compendium still list WX's max sanity as 150.
  9. It already does work with Pearl as of the previous hotfix:
  10. The logs you attached are client-side and do not contain the crash. I got this crash myself a while ago, apparently it's from sending metrics stuff. Here's my stack trace: wx_crash.txt
  11. The server logs would be available in ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether/##########/Cluster_#/Master/server_log.txt Client logs would be in ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether/client_log.txt Have you tried breaking the bond then bonding it again? Or turning off the lunar new year events?
  12. Note to modders: The server listings have moved from to and the lobby data has moved from to Functionally, they work the same as their counterparts except cleaned up (finally, no more lobbyListings_all_#!)
  13. Skin support was recently added for the lightning conductor. However, the original code for spawning it was not deleted, resulting in it being spawned twice. inst._lightningrod = SpawnPrefab("mastupgrade_lightningrod") if inst.saved_upgraded_from_item ~= nil and inst.saved_upgraded_from_item.linked_skinname then inst._lightningrod = SpawnPrefab("mastupgrade_lightningrod", inst.saved_upgraded_from_item.linked_skinname, inst.saved_upgraded_from_item.skin_id ) else inst._lightningrod = SpawnPrefab("mastupgrade_lightningrod") end inst._lightningrod.entity:SetParent(inst.entity) This is fixed by simply removing the first line in the snippet.
  14. Repost of This bug has been a problem for a vast amount of players, and routinely leaves new users confused on why code they paste doesn't work. The code has functionality to prevent this, but it's currently not working because KEY_V is not part of validrawkeys, so it never actually gets into the condition. One way to fix this is to add it in screens/consolescreen.lua, changing this: self.console_edit.validrawkeys[KEY_LCTRL] = true self.console_edit.validrawkeys[KEY_RCTRL] = true self.console_edit.validrawkeys[KEY_UP] = true self.console_edit.validrawkeys[KEY_DOWN] = true self.toggle_remote_execute = false To this: self.console_edit.validrawkeys[KEY_LCTRL] = true self.console_edit.validrawkeys[KEY_RCTRL] = true self.console_edit.validrawkeys[KEY_UP] = true self.console_edit.validrawkeys[KEY_DOWN] = true self.console_edit.validrawkeys[KEY_V] = true self.toggle_remote_execute = false This is currently implemented by the following mod: