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Atmosuit breakdown mechanics

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I, too, played a little about 400 cycles after the last update and also wanted to share a little feedback. First of all, I'm for the fact that the cane fiber has become a rare resource it is not even on the third asteroid in the slime biome. But it can still be found there after cutting drecko. But the mechanics with the breakage of the suits did not please at all. it should be improved as previously suggested.
First of all, it should have been introduced into the game not just a constant suit wear and tear, and wear and tear from the aggressive environment or temperatures would have been much more obvious. In addition, the time in which the suit comes into disrepair is too small after a couple of three runs it becomes broken, this is very bad. Instead of enjoying the game you should keep an eye on the suit's condition. Besides, it does not show that the suit is not good enough, you could add a scale of wear and tear as the life of a duplicate or as a scale of air to understand how long it will last.
Now about the actual repair of the suit. This is very uncomfortable, and most importantly unfinished mechanics. It was easier to make a duplicate with a certain skill to repair it on the spot in the locker than to constantly drag it to the machine and back. It was possible to implement this mechanics as a breakdown of the mechanism as a pipe breaks or a winding from the wrong material and temperatures. as an option. You could also add a skill duplicant - seamstress without which the repair becomes impossible as a branch in mechantronics. That would be handy and interesting. But what we have now I am extremely dissatisfied. This mechanics clearly need to reconsider. Here's my opinion...


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