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Compact 96 tile hatch ranch w/evolution chamber

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Just wanted to share my compact 96 tile hatch ranch w/evolution chamber.

My goals for the build were:

  • Fit within 8x4 'compartments'
  • Stackable (horizontal or vertical)
  • Allow horizontal movement between floors with optional doors on each side
  • Built-in non-powered 'incubation' chamber
  • Built-in 'evolution' chamber for meat
  • Built-in kitchen to cook barbeque

It took a lot of arrangement, but I managed to squeeze it all in. 

There are two chutes for eggs, one in the incubation chamber, and another in the evolution chamber that is filled with water. The incubation chamber chute is connected to a solid filter to filter out undesirable types, and the chute is shutoff when the critter sensor determines the incubation chamber is full (configurable). When the ranch drops below 8 critters, dupes will automatically take a wrangled hatch from the incubation chamber to replenish.

Eggs that hatch in the 'evolution' chamber turn into meat, which is reachable by dupes standing next to the fryer to turn into barbeque.

Lastly, the sweepers on the bottom pickup any eggs/coal and deposit into the respective receptacles. Unfortunately two are needed to prevent them from picking up the eggs in the incubation chamber.

Feel free to replace the decor, you can use paintings if you don't want the oddity of statues on ladders.

Hope someone finds this useful!


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