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Server progress lost

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I've tried playing DST solo rather than DS (it changes ^^).Then, I had alt-tabbed to do something (and normally paused with the pause mod)... but when I came back, I was in front of a loading screen. I closed the game, restarted it, and found that the server was reset to day 1.

Is is possible to tell me why, with the proper logs (and I don't know which ones you would need), to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Is it possible to get my progress back ? =/

Thank you for your help.

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Afaik the pause mod makes the "pause menu" pause the game. Maybe you didn't pause before alt+tab-ing? As it might not trigger from simply alt+tab-ing.

As for the logs, these kinda things don't really show up in logs, unless you have an actual error going on, which might've crashed the game instead. Also the logs are probably gone along with the old map, which is unrecoverable, unless you have a backup save.

In the future I'd simply recommend checking if it really is paused before alt+tab-ing to prevent this from happening, and if you really wanna avoid losing your map like this either running an endless game, or doing regular backups of your save.

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