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starting off a new quest in hamlet


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6 hours ago, toastbutbutter said:

what should I look out for?

Hohohohoho, basically everything. The beginning of hamlet is fast as fudge, you have to prepare for a lot of stuff. Explore the island, get a pith hat, get a cloth for the pith has by hammering the remains of your balloon, get a Stalking Stick for faster travel (you get it by killing a fully grown snaptooth flytrap, and drying its stalk) then let's not forget about relocating all the nettle you can find in your deep rainforests closer to your base (do note, that you can only plant them onto deep rainforest turf, relocating which is impossible, crafting it is available later in the game) then finding the ruins to the second island in your rainforests (the entrance with the guard pig on its top). 

And these are the things you want to do. I haven't even mentioned any mobs, and their dangers. Hamlet requires a lot of learning, and when you get to the point of basically knowing everything, Hamlet's early game only requires precise planning. The late game of hamlet is really free, however (besides the Aporkalypse, but that's another story entirely) and the different seasons are a lot less restricting if you have the one or two pieces of equipment needed to deal with them.

I recommend watching some videos, playthroughs, and guides. Jazzy's Games has some neat videos on both matters, I highly recommend checking out what he has for store.

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