Various Brawl Mode Suggestions

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I'm going to dump a load of Brawl Mode suggestions here:

-When accessing Plundak's shop, let the player purchase new Flourishes. There's no reason they should only be purchasable in the main campaign, right?

-Make Plundak's store accessible in the bar when preparing for the final boss in Rook's Brawl.

-Make Frizz spawn in Rook's Plundak/Pengemunt campsite. It doesn't really matter which day it is, and you could even make the player choose whether to trade their coin or modify their gun, but being able to customize your gun in Brawl mode helps differentiate runs more.

-Implement the unique, non-boss NPCs somehow. Characters like Kalandra, Fellomo, Bordenka, Eden, Seemli, Mullifree, Adwanette and Denikus all have unique social boons/banes and combat routines. Them having a chance to spawn during events or in the bar would increase the variance of playthroughs. Sal/Rook/Smith could also spawn outside their own respective Brawls.

-Implement the non-factional monsters, I've not encountered Heshbladder colonies yet, for example. Pack/Racing Oshnus don't show up either, despite having both battle and negotiation routines.

-Remove the "skip reward" prompt when the game offers you a Graft after beating a boss, there's exactly 0 times you'd want to push that button and I only ever hit it by mistake. Why would anyone ever want to take that when they can at least take the 30 shills for skipping the graft?

-This one's more of a general suggestion, but add a faction to Felek and Tazz, they're currently the only humans who aren't part of a faction.

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