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[Spaced Out] Can't deploy rover module? (Rover built inside)

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Hey guys.  I'm having trouble launching a rover on an asteroid.  I filled up my tank to go 2 tiles so that I could get into orbit of the planet and once I do the rover module stays grayed out and my rocket returns straight back home.  I've seen videos of people doing the same thing (going one tile out and clicking deploy rover) and its working for them.  I have made sure my dupes built the rover inside the module and there were no more tasks to be done for that piece.  Anyone have any ideas?  Do I need to have more fuel than just 2 tiles?






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31 minutes ago, Outlier90 said:

Anyone have any ideas? 

Simple solution... Uncheck this (arrows pointing) and retry


In this topic I explain it 

Edit: Like how you cannot see the planet in the topic you also cannot deploy anything because the rocket set course to return

On 1/3/2021 at 1:09 PM, sakura_sk said:

*Note 2: DO NOT have "round trip" option selected. The moment the rocket reaches orbit, it decides it has to return and you will never have the chance to see/reveal the planet. ( ...and probably have the rocket stranded)

  Reveal hidden contents

Rocket tries to return and even if the destination is cleared nothing of the planet shows up



*Trying to land trailblazer.. Planet is probably located somewhere in the white square.


The only option I've found if you can't return (one way trip to further planets) is to deselect round trip and reach the next orbit tile of the planet. Then you can follow the previous steps (alt+s - zoom out) if for some reason you are teleported to the bottom right corner of the map.

After I cleared rocket destination and no round trip was selected I moved to the next orbit tile


*clicking oversee planetoid


the surface was revealed



But best option in any case is never have the round trip option selected if there is no platform built yet.


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