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Add a sun and orient the planetoids around: planetoids closest to sun would have a higher temperature, more luminosity and radiation; the more distant would be cooler and less luminous.
this makes the star map a little more intuitive and with less variation (I know), but it allows a little more control over the variables and opens up new expectations:
- Lets suppose the space bleach is close to the sun. You would need a spaceship with features that support this new condition.
  • this variates the use of rockets,based on materials and capacity ( transportation , traveling)
  • generates the necessity to find better materials do deal with the situation ( more resistant materials, a better suit , maybe a coolant ... idk )

-with areas with less light, you reduce the potential of solar panels and visibility.

  • You will probably need to send an expedition to find out what really exists in that obscure area (maybe because the darkness and/or some asteroids on the way ).

 -a possibility to add some space events:

  • A comet passing by in X years; a small abandonated spaceship/station with something interesting. 
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