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[HELP]How to instantiate variable upon loading game?

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I am trying to have my DST mod establish the value of a local variable upon loading the game. Does anyone happen to know where code that runs upon entering the game belongs? My goal is to have the game run my code (check for a variable) every time I enter the game. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm new to the forums, and modding DST. Saw this thread while looking for my own answer. So please excuse me if I get it wrong :p

I think you might get a clue from various existing mods in their modmain.lua

The geometric placement mod by rezecib has

AddComponentPostInit("name of a thing", function)
AddClassPostConstruct("components/builder_replica", BuilderReplicaPostConstruct)
AddPrefabPostInit("gridplacer", ReplaceGridplacerAnim)

Or maybe you're looking for where the mod has been launched? In which case, maybe you're looking for:

In the modmain of Fix For Too Many Items

if _G.TheNet and ( ( _G.TheNet:GetIsServer() and _G.TheNet:GetServerIsDedicated() ) or ( _G.TheNet:GetIsClient() and not _G.TheNet:GetIsServerAdmin() ) ) then return end

Will give you a lot of the states

Or maybe, Place Statues modmain has the answer you're looking for?

local function InGame()
    return ThePlayer and ThePlayer.HUD and not ThePlayer.HUD:HasInputFocus()

Hope any of this helps :)

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