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  1. I am trying to have my DST mod establish the value of a local variable upon loading the game. Does anyone happen to know where code that runs upon entering the game belongs? My goal is to have the game run my code (check for a variable) every time I enter the game. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Is there a line of code to play an existing in-game sound? I would like to play a sound like rabbit screaming, lightning strike, or some other very distinct existing DST sound when my character does something. I'm not sure how SoundEmitter works or what I have to import into modmain in order to use it. Thanks!
  3. Is there code that will let me play an existing in game sound? In my character mod I have a key handler script that detects specific key strokes. I just need a line of code to play a sound file in game such as the rabbit screaming sound, lightning strike sound, or another highly distinct DST sound. This way the sound would play if I press a key detected by key handler. Also, how does one use sound emitter in the modmain code? Do I need to instantiate it and if so, how? Thanks!