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i think i found a new glitch/bug

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im not sure if this is the place to post this but anyways i found a new glitch/bug that makes you abel to dupe items and im not exactly sure if its goes the way i explain it it was kinda too complicated to understand what that one person showed me but i think it goes something like that

you have to be in the caves for that

its so you have items on you
the game saves
then you drop all
and then roll back
and just before the cave gets closet
you go in as ghost
that way the server resets back
and normaly the game remembers what you had on a level change
but because it was durin the switsch the reload
it thinks it sould give you the items back that the game saved
and that way you have more i think it was something like that
like its complicated and not sure if it was all 100% how it works like this but i post this here so i hope you at klei find a way to fix that bug/glitch

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