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How to fix this error with dedicated servers?

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I have this problem... whenever I want to follow the quick setup guide for mac os (im on mac os) an error pops up in the terminal and it doesnt let me to fully run the chmod command... it says like this:

Error: Missing /Users/(MacUser)/steamcmd directory!


/Users/(MacUser)/run_dedicated_servers.sh: line 21: cd: /Users/(MacUser)/steamcmd: No such file or directory

Does anyone know how to fix this? I need to make the run_dedicated_servers.sh file runnable and I cant quite figure out how


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16 hours ago, MonsterMonquey said:

Error: Missing /Users/(MacUser)/steamcmd directory!

This sounds like you either the /Users/(MacUser)/steamcmd directory doesn't exist, or the script doesn't have the necessary permissions.

try these commands:

touch /Users/(MacUser)/steamcmd
chmod +rw /Users/(MacUser)/steamcmd

For making the run_dedicated_servers.sh file executable you can just use

chmod +x run_dedicated_servers.sh

This has to be entered in the same directory as the shell script. Alternatively you can add the path in front of the file.

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