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How do I make Krampus go away???????

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Its 3 days before the first winter of this save file so I was at the grasslands stockpiling rabbit meat, when suddenly good ol krampus shows up. Its been an entire day since then and he wont go the **** away. I refuse to lead him back to my base so he wont rob all my stuff, but I also have no way of killing him because the wiki says he does 50 damage per hit and yeah no sir. Everywhere I look EVERY topic that comes up when I look up "how do i make krampus leave" is just endless threads about "Whats the best way to get krampus' sack". Apperently no one has ever wondered how to make this annoying scumbag go away, and the only thing I can find about it on the wiki is that "Krampus will leave into his sack when no more items are on screen" Ive positioned myself so im standing with not a SINGLE item on screen, not even foliage like grass and sticks. This piece of trash wont leave and I dont understand why not, and even moreso i dont understand why not a single person has ever asked how to get him to leave you alone on the internet. This is 2 very precious days ive had to spend waiting around doing nothing waiting for him to leave and its getting very frustrating now. 

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