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Using the current deconstruction exploit, I built a service module for the Spacefarer Module. I think the addition of an actual service module, or perhaps two types for the two different sized rockets, would be super useful, and in my opinion, far more enjoyable. What I'm suggesting, is a separate space, probably not accessible, and probably un-dupl-able during flight, in which a player could build support equipment for the trip. I believe some kind of solar panel is a must, maybe an RTG when the nuclear codes are complete(I'm so funny), as well as several ports to connect cargo, service, and command modules together. Perhaps forcing the player to store oxygen and other such bric-a-brac in a cargo module, sort through the output in the service module, re-storing what's not needed; then sending the desired product to the service module, would be a fun and somewhat challenging gameplay addition. Disallowing any industrial equipment in the commend module could serve to further complicate the preparedness need for a journey. To balancing out the needs of early launches so that complicated equipment would not be need for short trips, the command modules could be equipped with limited "emergency" supplied, perhaps a day's worth of oxygen, a small built-in fridge, or other such considerations.

If this suggestion doesn't become part of the base game, might I suggest a modder add this feature. All the required API's seem already available: teleportation of goods between areas, cordoned off zones, linkages between buildings. All that would be needed is a bit of code, and some models. I can't design models worth a damn, but I can code reasonable well, and I'd be willing to help out... though most modders are lightyears ahead of myself in the programing department.

Anyway, love this DLC, well worth the money. Thanks Klei!

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