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Schedules and permissions for our artificial friends

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Dupes can be set on different schedules for work and sleep but a sweepy always recharges during the night. Would be useful if we could set it`s recharge time on the dock. Sometimes it might be better if it works when the dupes are sleeping.

There are also the rovers. While those work contantly until the battery is gone we might eventually get a rechargable version for general use for example in closed up room designs, for surface jobs or digging up the core without setting up exosuits. Those could use a setting to recharge at a specific time. Also door permissions. Rovers respect global door permissions but they can`t be set an individual one. There should be an option to set door priority for rovers; if not individually (since they don`t have names yet) then at least for all of them.

Next thing would be robot priorities but i`m not sure we need those yet. Maybe the`ll be focused on a single task thus not needing idividual priorities.

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