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Is there a way to make a custom action happen for a player when press the Force Attack key the player configured for themself?

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hello, I want to make something happen for players when they press the force attack key (CONTROL_FORCE_ATTACK) they configured for them self.

does anyone know a way i can do this because i'm at a loss and i cant find anything about it


thanks for reading and any help

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anyone know the way?

before some update which broke ("fixed") some glitches I was able to use something like this with keyhandler

if TheInput:IsControlPressed(CONTROL_FORCE_ATTACK) then
        if TheWorld.ismastersim then
            BufferedAction(ThePlayer, ThePlayer, ACTIONS.NEWATK):Do()
            SendRPCToServer(RPC.DoWidgetButtonAction, ACTIONS.NEWATK.code, ThePlayer, ACTIONS.NEWATK.mod_name)


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