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Cofigruable Pipe junctions! or at least directional pipes!!

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I have a lot of issues with controlling pipe flow and often make use of bridges to specify which to flow priorities. something like Supply A mainly from source B but if nothing flows from there take source C. That can be done by connecting C to the A->B pipe via a bridge where the output port lies directly A->B pipe. There are many nice tricks like that. But unfortunately in some cases it can revert the flow direction: in some cases i end up creating a flow C->A and cutting of A->B in the process. Sure, this can be fixed by adding another pipe bridge forcing a flow direction...

But this is so annoying because the above described starts to look awfully complicated and taking a lot of space. not to mention that the many input and output symbols on the bridges obscure the sight and make it even more difficult to see what a setup intends to do. and often enough there are other building with pipe in/outputs around creating even more an eye hurting mess)

Could we not just instead get a pipe junction element with 4 connections where we can just set which one is an input/output and specify the priorities?? it would be neat if it fit in a 1x1 tile and would look similar to a conventional 4 way pipe junction (which currently has naturally not deterministic behavior).

But if that's not an option i would be happy to get one directional pipes. That would already simplify most of my pipe setups. 

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