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Is there any way to move and/or delete an Antlion spawner?

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My friend and I have decided to base in the oasis in one of our Don't Starve Together worlds. We are determined to use a specific base design in a specific area although antlion has spawned right in our soon to be chest zone. I have read in another post about the topic and saw that it can be fixed by using c_find("antlion_spawner"):remove() and then c_spawn("antlion_spawner") in the console. We tried doing this although for us the deleting part doesn't work and instead we now have two antlions. When we tried deleting it we also used c_countprefabs("antlion_spawner") to check whether or not it deleted but nothing changes. Is there any other console command or mod to allow us to move it?

I apologize if my question does not make sense, I am happy to reword it.

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3 hours ago, LordTeshima said:

I believe c_removeall("antlion_spawner") should work in removing both spawners, so you will have to spawn another one in afterwards.

Thank you for your reply, my friend and I tested it out and it worked.

2 hours ago, stranger again said:

im not a smart person when it comes to commands but im pretty sure @LordTeshimagave you the answer


welcome to the forums. i hope you enjoy your time on the forums:wilson_smile:

(also teshima i really like your profile picture its really nice ok bye:wilson_smile:)

Thank you for your reply and warm welcome.

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