New ideas on the underground and multiplayer

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These have all been already stated but i had a few new ideas on them.

As said people wanted an underground cave system possibly through the bunny holes but were worried it wouldnt work cause of the 2d/3d style. Probably best course of action would be to have you enter the bunny hole as a sort of portal that loads the underground a bit like the nether in minecraft. Also the underground should hold the secrets to the unseen threat in the night etc.

As the developers have said it is incredibly hard to create a multiplayer and theyve stated they will add some sort of asynchronous interaction between players later on. Im no programmer and this might be just as hard to do but a lan multiplayer would be awesome.

also side note i think they should nerf the amount of research a tuft of friggen grass and saplings dug give you. Especially when a gold nugget gives you about the same. or at least buff the gold.

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We also considered a loading screen between above and below ground areas. Feel free to take a peak at what we discussed:

As for multiplayer... I'm just not sure that's in the cards. Not that it bothers me, I enjoy my solitude.

As for research, don't worry, Kevin doesn't like the current system and is planning on making some changes.

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if even anyone could make a multiplayer mod...

and for the underground:

you can make a drill. with this you can interact with bunny holes. then a loading screen comes. then you are in the underground.

and something other to say:


im starving from playing alone. i have ingame SO much to eat, from living in the savannah, but no one to talk to. and i need wood, but im collecting vegetables (with poo), an i need a friend! i can have no pigs, because i have only vegetables.

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