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stop on the klei logo

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Hello everyone! i play on a mac and for a few days ONI freezes as soon as the klei logo appears. my pc has always had the necessary features and is always up to date. I followed the instructions on the forum. but the problem persists. the file they tell them to delete is not in my app. Anyone have any good advice for me?

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When i first bought the EA, ONI stopped working for me. I did a bunch of stuff suggested on a steam forum page which didn't work, but what eventually did work was simply uninstalling and reinstalling the game (maybe in conjunction with clearing the cache, etc. etc.)

If you've tried all of that and it still doesn't work for you, you may want to head over to this thread in the bug tracker and see if there are answers for you there and/or create your own bug report or add to that thread with your specific circumstances.


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