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Quick log In to dedicated server?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum but a long time DST player. Just recently I set up a dedicated server through a company called "Pingperfect". I got the server up and running and I can also connect through the console – c_connect("IP", port, "password")

However, everytime I want to connect, I have to type in the command again. Copy and paste doesn't work, which is kind of annoying. Is there an easier way to connect to the server? Or to tell the game to remember my settings?

Also, the name of the server doesn't shop up in the Browse list. Anything I didn't see here?

Thanks for your help any Happy new year!


ps: I was always looking through the last five pages of this board to find an answer, no success though.

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23 hours ago, Malekon said:

Copy and paste doesn't work

Directly pasting it in the client cli should work perfectly fine. (I'm doing that myself as well occasionally.) Make sure that everything is correct in your copy/paste and that you don't have any invisible symbols in front or behind the paste that messes up the command.

For the Server listing check if the DST server is allowed to communicate with the internet and/or check the server log for any connection errors.

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