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Hello Klei!
If perhaps you release something like an update for Shank 2, before then, I would just like to write some Shank 2 issues that you can fix in the future.

1.bug on Bombed Church in survival. When one of the players dies near the right switch, there is a high probability that the player will encounter a bug and remain there until the end of the match! because in that place it will no longer be possible to revive it. This is a pretty serious problem both for me and for others.

2. the ability to hide the HP indicator. I saw in the game files that there is something written about hidden HP, but in any case, it is simply impossible to hide HP, and so on. I would very much like you to add this feature in the future.

3. The absence of a picture of the Zombie boss on the indicator of his HP. It's rather strange that this is not there. Instead of a picture of a boss, there is emptiness.

4. Falcone's own voice and much more. I can't call it a big problem, but as a Shank 2 fan, I would love to hear Falcone's original voice from the first game. Also in the pictures, where Falcone is posing, he is holding a knife, but during the game, he has the same two shank's as Shank. It would be great if Falcone (and the other characters) had their own light weapons!
By the way, I noticed (long ago) that after defeating Wave 30, in the victory picture, each character has their own weapon. I would assume that you, Klei, forgot to give them their own weapons into the game, but I'm not 100% sure. However, it would be very cool if Falcone in Shank 2 had his own voice and also a weapon!
Playing as Falcone, it would have felt completely different, I'm sure!

5. Additional information after the survival match. When scoring after a survival match, you can add additional match data!
1.The number of rescued supplies. We have 3 supply stations that we should protect against bombers, but how cool it would be if after the match the game showed the statistics of supplies.
2. The name of the map we played on.

6. Level time statistics. I'm always see what the maximum number of points I have earned at each level, but it would be also great to see the game statistics of the time in which I beat the level. It would be cool to see
 the best time to complete a level, which would not change until you complete it faster. It would look like the first game.

Any user can leave a comment about what else can be changed/added to Shank 2. It will be interesting to know the opinion of other players!


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