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Server pve, how server and player works?

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Hello :) i dont know how to name this topic, so I will ask directly :)

What stops players on the server from robbing other players? i see that there are some 16 players servers, is it possible to create a clan? etc. It's hard for me to believe that 16 players are playing together and nothing bad is happening, one person can throw away all your items from the boxes and your progress is RIP


So how do servers deal with something like this with pvp mode off? :)

so far my server is 4slot and i play with my friend :) but i want more players to join :) and i dont want to they destroy all our progress :)


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1. Anti griefing mods and/or Protection/ownership mods
2. Always have backups going on, so if someone destroys your server while you are gone you can revert to the last backup before it happened.
3. Only play in private/with players you know so no random griefers coming in.
4. Kinda similar to 3, but have players introduce themselves or something. Most griefers already give up at that point and grab easiert targets. (Though there are still a few people who still try to scam you.)

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