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Niobium/Volcano Colonization

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Here is a before and after of me colonizing the Volcano planet. It was challenging and required a lot of dupe micro management but I got there - Thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I will also include some basic instructions for "how to".

  1. You need a co-ordinated battery of Rockets. 5 in Total:
    - One rocket loaded iwth supplies (lumber, steel, plastic, glass, algae/oxylite, metal ore, refined metal, reed fiber raw minerals, FOOD)
    - Two Rockets with trailblazer modules 
    - One rocket with a bathroom setup to act as a duplicant toilet.
    - One rocket with an atmo suit station setup - try set beds and a buddy bud seed in here too. Can really help manage stress.

    These rockets should all be sent to the location simultaneously. You'll need to pick your duplicants carefully. Prioritise dupes in the following order:
    - Sunny disposition trait
    -  Duplicants without destructive or binge eater traits. Literally unplayable. Preferably take ugly criers
    - Skill specializations you will need. Use your judgement to pick dupes with skills you need. Remember you will not have the infrastructure and spare time to use a skill scrubber for a while

  2. Land the trailblazer modules. Deconstruct these immediately (they are made of steel) and build a rocket platform.
  3. Land the rocket loaded with supplies. Quickly setup and additional two rocket platforms. Land your bathroom and atmo suit rocket.
  4. Start setting up basic solar power infrastructure for ethanol  distillers. Use the CO2 generated to power your rockets. Once your rockets are fueled, you can "take it easy"
  5. Keep pumping magma and deconstructing/constructing pumps as needed. Start building your long term infrastructure
    If you need to send dupes home for resources or stress management, do so.



Pretty much done:


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