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So, I'm trying a new(for me) approach to air handling

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Like the heading says, I am trying a new approach for atmospheric handling and filtering. Basically at the heart of it, a centralized filtration system in an airlocked off room containing 2 pumps feeding 4 filter mediums. Just a heads up, i tend to write these as if they were an engineering manual, so this is going to be very intricately detailed. The pumps work together to filter out the following

Filter 1: CO2

Filter 2: Natural Gas

Filter 3: Hydrogen

Filter 4 Chorine

Final output pipe: o2 and polluted o2

Now as for supplying this system with gases to sort, i am making the following modifications to my base once the prototype system proves itself successful. The system in question is a living quarters section consisting of 4 rooms arranged in a 2x2 pattern over an entry corridor with a single ladder leading up. Either end of that corridor has electronic airlocks that can be locked down, isolating the crew section from the rest of the base. The rooms have airflow tiles in their walls to allow for cross flow of air. In a room off to the side of that is what I call an atmospheric purging system(or APS or also Decomp). Basically when activated, the airlocks lock down by way of an automation system so dupes wont inadvertently open the space. An air pump or perhaps a pair if 1 takes too long, will completely turn the living area into a vacuum and pump the gases into the sorting room. Once this is done and the vacuum pump shuts down, either the lockdown will be rescinded and the airlocks will open allowing fresh air from the bases walk ways in to replace the vacuumed out gases, or, a separate room that exists solely to make algae based O2 will pump in new air using an "AND" gated automation system(if the vacuumed system is off AND pressure is below "X" PSI, activate re-pressurization systems(a filter in the 02 generation room that leads directly to that section.

Now, in the Mk 1 version of this setup, once maximum pressure in the gas sorting room has been achieved, and the system engaged, the following happens in short order: CO2 is sent to a room to do what ever i see fit for it to do.(be turned into O2 again with an algae farm, or be turned into sewer water to eventually be decomtaminated by the plumbing system) The natural gas is sent to a containment tank. Hydrogen is sent to another tank. Chorine is also sent to a special tank or room. Any O2 that made it into the room during the affected sections decompression cycle is returned to the base's main walkways.

Now, the stage 2 development of the room will see the addition of 5 oxygen diffusers and possibly electrolyzers. When rooms are not being decompressed to refresh their atmospheres, the sorting room can serve as a dedicated O2 farm. Using electrolyzers will ensure the room is continuously sending H2 to the tank or powerplants. By using the room in this manner ensures that the main walk way stays pressurized and more so than normal. This will help with increasing airflow to decompressed sections to get them re-pressurized. The pump configuration in the room is that it is 12 tiles high with 1 pump at the bottom and 1 at the top to facilitate rapid removal of H2 and CO2. 

Now there is only one apparent flaw to the system that I have found, however, I am sure that I have taken steps to correct for it. That is that if the main walkways and vertical shafts have no decompression system of their own, how can I get gases from that space into the sorting room and the answer there is simple. The bottom most floors of the base, usually whatever space is the exact bottom at the time, will be where CO2 accumulates. Its decomp system would just simply funnel CO2 to be disposed of by the sorting system. As for Natural Gas, since it accumulates at the middle most levels, sections of that corridor will be tied into the isolation state of complexes either above or below as needed, so that when a section gets decomped and refreshed, its natural gas gets sucked out as well. The Oxygen outputs will generally be at the base's upper levels where the gas can be released and filter its way down. However, since one central air system cannot pressurize the entire base, O2 generating systems will still be located through out the main corridors and in the various complexes, only being shut down for Decomp procedures. 

Now, if in the event that the gas sorter space has been completely built around, and new gases are introduced that need sorting as well, the O2 exhaust systems that pumps the O2 back into the base can have another 2 filters added that filter out the O2 and Polluted O2 into the base while sending those gases onto another room containing the necessary filters.

Power for the filter room is supplied by an array of manual generators supplying an array of batteries. If in the event that power requirements exceed the limits of the wires, the electrical system can be modified so that the generators feed batteries that in turn feed transformers that will then supply power to what ever components of the system need them at that time without the need for frequent repairs. If also needed, a hydrogen generator can be added to make use of the H2 the system siphons out of the air. At least until more sustainable power alternatives are found.

Also, one thing to note that in sections cordoned off by airlocks, when the Decomp system is not in use, the automation system will keep those airlocks open continuously to allow full unrestricted airflow.


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A screenshot of your design would definitely be worth a thousand words in this case.

Using a bead pump at the bottom of the base would pull out CO2, chlorine and natural gas into your filtering setup and save you a huge amount of power over decompressing each room to a vacuum.

The same could be done at the top for the hydrogen.

Then just pump nice clean oxygen into the middle area of the base to keep up the pressure.

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